a Lenten tradition in the Lima area

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a Lenten tradition in the Lima area

Working class Lima may be a meat and potatoes kind of town, but during the Christian season of Lent, it all about fish. Fish frys dominate the dining scene on Fridays. It a day of fasting from meat during the six weeks of Lenten sacrifice, reflection and charitable acts, especially for Roman Catholics.

Far from being a Catholics only kind of event, however, fish frys, like bingo, draw a wide range of people: those who like fish, those who like to feed their families on the cheap with an all you can eat buffet and those who enjoy the community building camaraderie.

Tradition with a small on Friday from meat, the meat of a warm blooded animal, is a long standing tradition in Roman Catholicism. It also practiced by Orthodox Christians and Episcopalians. It an ascetic discipline of penance that used to encompass Wednesdays, Saturdays and other holy days. It also used to apply to all Fridays, since it was the day of the week that church teaching says is the day Jesus Christ was crucified and died for our sins.

a tradition with a small explained Father Jim Szobonya, pastor of St. Gerard Catholic Church in Lima. means it can be changed. however, is a cold blooded critter, and can be eaten.

Not all fish frys are alike

Fish lovers know to head to their local Knights of Columbus on Lenten Fridays. The fraternal Roman Catholic organization has a corner on the fish fry market in the Lima area. They use them to raise money for their group and its charitable causes.

At the Lima Knights of Columbus Hall on Cable Road on the first Friday in Lent, the room was buzzing with talk and laughter. Diners were tucking into plastic plates of fried pollock, green beans and macaroni and cheese, prepared by Milano Caf Laureano, 57, drove all the way from Findlay, 25 miles away, to eat here.

come here and Kalida. We go there next week, he said.

Laureano, a Catholic, said fish frys make him feel the specialness of his faith tradition. But Stan Stephens, 53, and his wife Denise, 59, of Lima, look forward to Lenten fish frys, too. And they not Catholic.

love fish frys, said Stan Stephens. know a lot of people here. friends are like, wanna come with you, and cheap jerseys I said, got five more weeks left! said Denise Stephens.

of my best friends http://www.cheapjerseys11.com/ said the Kalida one is the best, Stan Stephens said, getting up from the table to get a second helping. on our bucket list. come from all over

That kind of word of mouth has made the Kalida KofC fish fry one of the most popular in the area, if not the region.

come all the way from Toledo, some from Edgerton, up north of Fort Wayne, Indiana. They come from all over just to check it out, said Bob Karhoff, 68, of Kalida, a member since 1975. He said volunteers served more than 900 people last Friday, waiting 35 minutes in line for a buffet line as varied as any at Golden Corral.

There baked and fried fish, of course, and mashed potatoes, French fries, red potatoes and sweet potatoes, two kinds of coleslaw and a large assortment of salads and desserts. All for $9. All you can eat. if you want the total selection, said Karhoff.

Burger joints go fish

Lenten Friday abstinence has had an effect that goes far behind the personal sacrifices of believers. Restaurant chains have adapted their menus to accommodate the practice.

McDonald added the Filet o Fish sandwich to its menus in 1962 after a Cincinnati franchise owner, Louis Groen, noticed that his restaurants had a sharp drop in hamburger sales on Fridays.

certainly an important time of year for us, said the manager of a local Captain D Restaurant.

Abstinence and service

The wider importance of meatless Fridays, though, is not to boost seafood sales or raise money selling fried fish or gorge on fish on a weekend night with friends. It supposed to be an act of penance that is of a piece with other Lenten disciplines, said Szobonya.

were giving up something of value meat you were supposed to give the money you saved to the poor, he said. not just the sacrifice. It how that it comes out as giving, as service. that consideration of the spiritual reasoning behind fish frys that prompted Kalida KofC member Tom Vorst, 59, to convince fellow members to not hold the fish fry this year on Good Friday, a day of fasting.

good Catholics, he said. shouldn be promoting so much eating during Good Friday. FISH FRYS

Every Friday through March 25 except where noted.

Kalida Knights of Columbus, 718 Napolean St. No fish fry on Good Friday, March 25. Carry out and drive through available.

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